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Raul Hernandez is a freelance journalist. He has worked as a newspaper reporter for more than 30 years at the El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso Times, Press Enterprise in Riverside, California and the Ventura County Star in California. He was a court reporter for more than 20 years.

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    She knew what she was doing and she needs to pay for what she did.yes she was driving the the car and got caught!!

  2. 2

    Marie Hernandez

    sorry but if you want to run along with gang members, acting like an adult, you should face the consequences of your actions like an adult. At her age she should of known wrong from right. Being the get away driver for some idiots that killed somebody isn’t what a young teenager should of been doing. A mother had to bury her son, and now her family has to visit her in jail.

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    She’s affiliated with the colonia Chiquez gang. How dare you make her look innocent when she was involved in a killing. That child make adult descions, got behind the wheel and drove like a maniac and could have injured others! Honestly she doesn’t want to go to Actual imprisonment because she has allllllllllll her hoodrat homegirls in juvenile hall. It doesn’t make them better there, the girls there in juvenile hall just do drugs and are not getting any real change in their lives. They are pathetic just like her lawyer trying to make Brayden seem innocent. That girl does NOT even play softball anymore, that stopped a long time ago when the hood got the best of her.

    1. 3.1


      Thank you for telling the TRUTH unknown. There is always two sides to the story and these kids are never as innocent as they want to make it out to be kids can be very very very dangerous

  4. 4


    I agree with what the law is. Leave it to the courts/attorneys to decide on whether it’s a juvenile or adult case. No excuses for her actions or the ones she’s was with

  5. 5


    She was the biggest bully in oxnard always mean , always knew how to bring people down , i was her friend but she always turned her back on me even stole from tried to beat me up she was like that with EVERYONE I don’t feel bad and especially for her family they all knew how she is she is not innocent karma FINALLY caught up to her

    1. 5.1


      Her family new exactly what she was getting her self in just like her family members she became a gang member as well. She’s following the same steps as them and got caught. She would always brag about how her family would kill and more bad stuff like tbat. She deserves what she got her self into she didn’t care for that guys life so why should we care for her life in prison now. God forgive me for wishing bad upon someone but she deserves no mercy she should deal with the consequences of her actions and be a grown up woman about it since that’s how she decided to act when she committed the crime!!!

      1. 5.1.1


        You really need to get your facts right girl, no one in my family has done what you say braylene said to you. You are wrong. No one knows what happened so people need to keep their comments to themselves

  6. 6

    NO on prop 57

    Adult crimes = adult prosecution. Her and her gang members murdered someone in broad daylight. That was someone else’s son. Someone’s family member. I don’t feel sorry for her. Let the jury who will find out all the facts decide. This lawyer is dispicable.

  7. 7

    Daisy Ramos

    Keep that hoodrat locked up, she was one of my bestfriends in Oxnard and she is not what this article makes her to be, maybe only because they’re using pictures of her from 3+ years ago, this girl is out bullying plenty of people, going around fighting half Oxnard and even smoking meth! Going out having sex and messing around with numerous boys, Kidding me!? at 16, 16 years old. She’d always be bragging about how proud she was to be part of Colonia this and that , that she “puts in work for her hood” and other stupid wastes’ of breath, she knew what she did and needs to face the consequences, even if she gets lucky because of this Prop 57 she’ll be locked up until minimal juvenile murder case charges until she’s 25, have a good time rotting in the correctional facilities this is karma for all you’ve done ;-)

    1. 7.1


      Daisy, why didn’t you ever say anything? If she bullied you why? Didn’t you say anything to your parents why? You all are just now opening your mouths and saying all these things about her, when you should have put a stop to the so called bullying you said she did. Just stop talking and posting all these rude comments.

  8. 8


    Wow no words for this cuz of all the good or bad being said. May God be with all families in this

  9. 9


    Gloria, I don’t know if you are a family member to this person or what. Everytime someone post a negative comment you are quick to defend her. Why were you not there while this girl was growing up and steer her in the right direction. I hate that the parent or whom ever blasts pics when they were young playing softball or even ballerinas. Why don’t they post her in her “gang clothing” making gang signs. Drinking, smoking weed or meth. This is crazy she deserves to pay for what she DID. Because she knew what the hell she was doing. NO ON 57….keep them behind bars until they rot.

  10. 10


    Her mom is a gang member from ssxch her so called dad a gang member from sxt…Her mom in and out of jail low life no good drug addicts..Her grandma raised all the girls .. Brayleen was and will always be a bully she was smoking meath just like her mom..She said she was from ssxch then sxt now coxch hood Hooper hood rat sleeping around since she was 12 and I’m from her family no adult supervision at all ever..The grandma even drives around takeing all the girls to fight . There family is no good gang bangers /drug addicts/that showed her how to be the was she is ..She’s no little girl she was sleeping with one of the guys and her family knew there were dating he used to go over to her house..He older she’s under age..She new the gang life and would walk all around Oxnard throwing up coxch ..She went to Ventura knowing who and what they were going to do word is that’s not the only murder she is involved in..And if u see now that they r all busted all the back to back killing stopped..No good low life girl hope she gets all the time in the world her sister mom who’s out now but I’m sure will be rite back in and grandma still to this day this new year in there black SUV rolling around trying to punk people one day they will hit up the wrong person and I fill sorry for them. All bad whole family

  11. 11


    I slept with her ..And only new her for 2days ..I used to go over her house her grandmother and grandfather let us smoke in the house..The grandma is OK with all the ss and coxch boys and girls going in and out of her house.. Brayleens mom is from south side Oxnard and she use to clam 2 different hoods..She’s I’m sure going to rat..Her last boyfriend lil pilot from CO.. is also busted and a rat the cops should check the foo he’s talking about the killing hes a bitch.. and the new guy she was with is now in jail for murder..Dum little girl.. and there both from the same hood ..And don’t Blame the drugs blame the mom grandma family..They all need to go down..


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